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Affordable Tree Service Fort Wayne
With almost 30 years of experience in...
Tree Removal
Tree Removal Fort Wayne Indiana

When a tree dies, becomes sick, or becomes a danger it needs to be removed. An unsafe tree becomes a huge liability and it is important to remove the tree without causing any damage. We are more than capable of removing your tree safely.

Land Clearing
Land Clearing Fort Wayne Indiana

Land clearing is a key component to the start of a large development project. Our team has the tools and man power necessary to remove a large area of trees and shrubs in a timely manner. With our specialty equipment, there is no job we cannot handle.

Tree Trimming Fort Wayne Indiana

Trees that are properly maintained are beautiful additions to your landscape. Trimming or pruning can improve your trees in many ways. Whether it's raising limbs, thinning out the tree, or eliminating extra weight we can help your tree.

Emergency Work
Emergency Tree Removal Fort Wayne Indiana

You never know when disaster will strike. High winds and severe weather combined with saturated soil or a weakness in a tree can cause an unexpected disaster. Our team is constantly on call for storm damage and will make sure we minimize the risk of further damage.

Stump Removal
Stump Grinding Fort Wayne Indiana

A stump can take as long as a decade to decay if you leave it sit. The easiest and best way to deal with a stump is with grinding the stump down with our specialty equipment. We can ensure the stump is gone so you can regrow grass or replant.

Tree Feeding
Tree Feeding Fort Wayne Indiana

When you start to see signs of a tree that lacks nutrients you can take the proper precautions to help your tree mature properly. Feeding your tree can help the tree grow full size, live longer, and stay healthy. A tree that is happy is a tree that is healthy.

Tree Removal
Emergency Tree Work
Tree Trimming
Stump Removal
Land Clearing
Tree Feeding
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